Recommendations to Residence Councils

q@SMC is concerned with the levels of harassment targeting lesbian, gay, bi and trans students within SMC's residences and has released these recommendations to the residence councils of St. Michael's College:

  1. SMC Residence Councils must offically and publicly declare support for the USMC Inclusiveness Statement. The councils should undertake initiatives to realize this committment to equity.

  2. The councils should, as soon as possible, set up a workshop with University of Toronto LGBTQ Resources for the residence councils, the various house councils and any other interested individuals within residences.

  3. The Residence Councils should fully endorse the University of Toronto Positive Space campaign, and encourage any dons or members who have received sensitivity training to post positive-space campaign stickers on their doors. It is only through visibly displaying this committment to inclusiveness that we can hope to realize it.

  4. The Councils should place a copy of the USMC Inclusiveness statement in every residence room before the September move-in.

  5. At the "Welcome to Residence" event in September, have a representatives of from the Residence Councils should explicitly affirm USMC's commitment to Inclusiveness and respect for sexual diversity.  

  6. The Councils should consider the creation of a position on their respective executives to deal specifically with equality issues for all minorities on the USMC campus. This individual would, in the future, be responsible for initiating LGBTQ sensitivity training and various other workshops and initiatives to promote equity.

  7. The "dial-a-belle" event must be revised to realize that not all in attendance are heterosexual.  The option should be open for individuals to attend the event without having to be coupled with an individual of the opposite sex.

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