Club Committee Minutes
September 3, 2003

Location: Meeting Room, 21 Sussex Avenue
Chair: Jonathan
Scribe: Dave
  1. Introductions - Introductions from two new members, Jennifer and Caroline. 

  2. Presentation from U of T Equity Gardners - The focus of the group is understanding equity. They garden while focusing on food and social equity, and environmentalism. They also do writing campaigns, advocacy, visibility. Have ties with OPIRG, food banks, and the Women's Centre. There is consensus that this is an important group, so q@SMC will send an ad to both the events and the discussion list on behalf of the Equity Gardeners.

  3. Recruiting

    1. Ad in "The Mike" - we are not impressed. Although this was offered to us, it is extremely small. The text is less than 2 mm high! This is one in a string of issues we've had with "The Mike" (refusing to print Bernie's first story on q@SMC, changing the email address on our first advertisement, refusing to print our letter on the Kreeft issue, and so forth).

    2. Alternative Mass for SMCSU Frosh - Bernie spoke on equity and advertised for q@SMC. Colin Oliver and Mike (VP of SMCSU) also spoke. Estimated attendance: 200-300 people. Bernie wasn't harassed by the mass frosh, but did get some dirty looks.

    3. Clubs Fair @SAC - We won't be at the SAC Clubs fair, but LGBTOUT will and they will distribute some of our material.

    4. Clubs Fair @SMC (Thursday) - We will have at least 2 people present at all times for reasons of safety. Jonathan and Dave have volunteered. We will try to have a rainbow flag (Bernie's), q@SMC flyers, perhaps a "vanilla" LGBTOUT flyer, Equity Gardner stuff, candy with advertising, positive space info. LGBTQ Resources will be there; q@SMC will avoid their condom distribution (citing the reprussions of confusion last year).

    5. Event Friday - Dinner. We will go to Zelda's. There will be a subsidy of some kind. 

    6. BIRT q@SMC allocate $150 to be spent on September events. Passed unanimously.

    7. Postering and Chalking - we will be postering and chalking for our dinner Friday.

    8. Dining Hall Thing - perhaps the gang should once again visit the "Canada Room"?

    9. Women's Event - we will seek greater involvement from women, and try to entice a new member to run a women's event, funded by us.

  1. Club Recognition

    1. Teresa, the SMCSU Ed & Gov Commissioner (and chair of the Club Recognition Board) seems very supportive. She has taken on the initiative to allow us to submit our petition with student numbers instead of names for the members section.

    2. The petition is due September 24th. Bernie wants it ready a week earlier. Bernie and Mike will seek Fr. Kersh's signature. Bernie and Dave will seek Sr. Anne Marie's signature. Jennifer will sign for us as faculty and will seek other faculty signatures. Jonathan will seek members signatures; we will also bring our petition to the SMC Clubs Fair to get some signatures there.

  2. Finances - Bank Account. We will look into getting an account with Metro Credit Union - with hopefully less than $4/month like CIBC charged us.

  3. queeratsmc.net - we have registered a domain name (for free!) through a non-profit organization (onlinepolicy.net). We are currently still using the yahoogroups! email list, but eventually all services (email, website, email list) will be through queeratsmc.net . The yahoogroup will continue to receive messages from the new list serv after transfer, for those who like the message archive feature.

  4. Constitutional Amendments

    1. The first amendment, to allow the creation of up to two executive-at-large positions (appointed by the Club Committee), passes unanimously. In event that less than 50% of our elected exec are SMC Undergrads, we can appoint some SMC people as executive-at-large to meet this criteria. (passes unanimously)

    2. Cheques are to be signed by the President and one member appointed by the Club Committee (instead of the VP as before). This will allow the appointment of a Treasurer. (passes unanimously).

  5. Motion for Officer Positions - BIRT this committee appoint Matt as Events Officer, with the responsibilites of assisting with social events and advertising. (passed unanimously).

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