Club Committee Minutes
October 16, 2003

Location: USMC Boardroom, Brennan Hall
Attendance: Bernie, Mike, Jonathan, Jason
Chair: Mike
Scribe: Jason

Recognition: q@SMC has finally been approved as an official club in SMC, thanks to Bernie, Jonathan and several others who has contributed in making it possible!

Budget: q@SMC is given $1000 by SMCSU to support all the events that we will be hosting as well as participating. However, upon special request it is possible to receive additional funding for special events.

The general breakdown of the budget this year is as following:  
Election Result:
President: Jonathan Vandor
Vice president: Jason Ho 
Current executive:

President: Bernie (Valid until October 30, 2003),
Vice president: Jonathan Vandor

Motion: Be it resolved that all current officer position at q@SMC be dissolved.  
Second by: Jonathan Vandor

No objections, motion carried
Post-Recognition desires from SMCSU:

1.    Ads to all residents: black and white quarter page ads which bring forth our social for all people and one exclusive mini golf social for queer people.

2.    Display in Brennan Lounge: Request for a display section (preferably in glass display case) from SMCSU.

3.    Office: There have been renovations taking place in Brennan Hall; hopefully we will be able to get an office there.

4.    Subscription to SMC and SMCSU list: Jonathan, Jason and Bernie will be added to the list.

5.    We are in the club book as well on the SMCSU website now!

October Discussion Event: Thursday, October, 30, 2003 at 7p.m.  we will be watching "Rocky Horror Picture Show". The event is open to every one in UfT. We will try to book the facility at the Alumni Hall at SMC.  The contact person for booking is Ian Jay. And we will also have two poster campaigns for this event. Jason has volunteered to design the posters.

November Socials: Mini Golf- We will try to invite Rainbow Trin to join us!

Wine (or some non-alcoholic drink) and Cheese- All queer group in UfT is invited. We will celebrate the establishment of SMC as an official club. The attempted date is sometime during mid November. Members please e-mail Bernie or Jonathan or your desired date.

Motion: Be it resolved that q@SMC allow $ 50 for October discussion event and $400 for November events.
Second by: Jason Ho

No objections, motion carried.

New Website: Our new website is currently maintained and earned by Bernie.
New Bank Account: The new Bank account in Bank of Montreal is established under the signature of Bernie and Jonathan. Good news about this bank account is that it is FREE!
Press Release: Bernie will write an article about q@SMC after Wednesday. We will release the article to campus media and queer media.

Thank you letters/ Congratulation letters to new SMCSU Councilors: Mike and Bernie will be working on a thank you letter to the CRB and financial Commissioner as well as congratulation letters to the newly elected SMCSU councilors.

Adoption of list serve policy: The list serve policy is viewed and agreed by all members at the meeting.
Motion: Be it resolved that q@SMC adopts the new list serve policy.
Second by: Jason Ho
No objections, motion carried

Constitutional Amendment: Constitutional Amendment will be voted on at the next q@SMC meeting.
Other Business: We will be requesting a new mailbox from SMCSU.

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