Club Committee Minutes
3, 2003

Location: Brennan Hall, Room 203
Attendance: Antonio, Michael, Jonathan, Jason, Bernie, Dave, Matt, Mark, Lillian
Scribe: Jason

President's report: continuing to organize the wine and cheese event for November 17th. Rainbow Trinity has not yet responded to our invitation.

V.P.'s report: We now have mail held for us at Elmsley Hall. We do not have a box specifically; our address will be 81 St. Mary Street, M5S 1J4.

Club officers have just been appointed as following:

Bernie has been appointed Finance and Information Systems Officer. Bernie and Jonathan have opened a bank account at the Bank of Montreal which has no fees.

Mike has been appointed Advocacy Officer. Mike notes that he cannot advocate in the residences due to his position as a don, and suggests a residence outreach position (to include issues such as training and positive space campaign). The publication section of the website has a list of suggestions to improve the LGBTQ-sensitivity of the residences. Mike also suggested that due to the lack of female involvement, we should consider a diversity officer. Mike has done work with the Gay and Lesbian archives and notes that they have been researching q@SMC and have been downloading information from our website. Suggests that we archive some of our information in the USMC archives.

Mark has been appointed Religious Advisory Officer. He notes that the Dignity (Catholic LGBTQ-group) meets November 22nd from 2 to 5p.m, with a liturgy at 7 PM. Also notes LGBTOUT Spirituality and Sexuality forum during the week of November 16th.

Antonio has been appointed Officer-at-large.

Debate occurs as to whether we should make a constitutional amendment, to allow for recognition by University of Toronto Student Affairs and SAC. This would require opening up voting rights to the entire UofT community. The vote is postponed.

Discussion around the time of the Wine and Cheese event - it will run on November 17th. SMC will be providing free equipment for the jazz vocalist. Dave will book the space and make arrangements with food/beverage services. Jason and Bernie will work on advertising. Antonio will check the web for more advertising venues.

Bernie officially passes all passwords for queeratsmc.net internet services to Jonathan.


BIRT Queer at SMC accept 81 St. Mary Street as our official postal address, and direct all postal correspondence, including that from our Bank of Montreal bank account, to this address. (Bernie)
   Second by: Jonathan
   No, objections, motion carried

BIRT Queer at SMC direct the Bank of Montreal to update our co-signers, in accordance with the constitution of Queer at SMC and the resolution of this Committee, to be Jonathan Vandor (President) and Bernie, Finance and system officer, BIFRT both signatures shall be required on any cheques.
  Second by: Dave
  No objections, motion carried

BIRT Queer at SMC request to SMCSU that the signatures of Jonathan Vandor (President) and Bernie, Finance and system officer, be required for any expense reimbursements.
  Second by: Jason
  No objections, motion carried

Bernie: We have a new donor for the wine and cheese.
BIRT, that the spending limit on November events be increased to $750
  Second by: Antonio
  No objections, motion carried

Jonathan's business: an e-mail from Cheri Dinovo invites us to CIUT 89.5FM on Thursday - Mark will represent us to attend the radio show interview

Matt's item: the 13th of November 8 o'clock at Hart House, Matt, Stephen L., Stephen M., and Jonathan will be performing at a Positive Space gay-marriage themed cabaret.

Dave: December 1st @ 8:30- world's AIDS day meeting/walk, and December 10th- Human Rights Day- perhaps we should plan some event?

Antonio: looking into an official banner for q@SMC

Date of the next meeting: December 1st @ 8:30

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