Club Committee Minutes
July 27, 2003

Location: Mike's Apartment
Attendance: Bernie, Mike, Mark, Matt, Lillian, Steven
Chair: Bernie
Scribe: Mark

1.  Because of bank fees, Bernie had to close our previous bank account on March 2003.  A motion was passed to reopen a bank account so that funds from the SAC equity award, a cheque of $100.00 could be deposited.  A motion was also passed to allow Bernie to co-sign this cheque.  
2. As a result of closing the bank account on March 2003, Bernie had to pay a fee of $18.53.  A motion was passed to pay Bernie back this amount.  
3. We were presented with 3 financial statements:
a.     Balance sheet – what we have and what we owe
b.     Cash flow – where money comes from and goes
c.     Transaction report – details of all transactions
These are usually presented at the end of the school year.  These statements are posted on the website.  For security reasons, this is only accessible to those presented with the link.
4. By acclamation, Michael Nicholson is the CRO for the by-election for the vice presidential position.  Michael is in charge of calling and managing the election ASAP.  Since the previous president, Jennifer Hamilton had to leave the group for school, she is not able to complete her full mandate to October 2003.  As a result, there is a need for a new vice-president to fulfill specific tasks from September on to the next election.  The VP will be involved in club recognition, social events for September and advertising the group.
5. A motion for a vote of confidence, in support of outgoing vice-president Jennifer Hamilton was passed.  Mark has volunteered to make a card for members of the group to sign.  It will be circulated at the next club meeting.  
6. The group has a new website domain name: queeratsmc.net  Discussion ensued regarding adding new sections: new links/contacts and history/publications.  Lillian has volunteered to find other pertinent links.  These will be added only in consultation with Bernie and members through the listserve.  A motion was passed to allow Lillian moderator privileges to the QaSMC yahoo groups. 
7. We were presented with rough drafts of policies:
Archive policy
Listserve policy
Finance policy – this is to allay any criticism from "your friendly neighbourhood" SMCSU.
Advertising policy – we considered advertising at health day, clubs day, pride, coming out day, LGBTOUT office, Jude Tate's office and women's centre.  

The rough policies will be posted on the website and are open for discussion.  
8. A motion was passed to allow Bernie to investigate and post advertisement of the group for free in Toronto LGBTIT2Q community directories.
9. Bernie reported on the formation of new yahoo groups: 
QGCE – queer groups in Catholic Education
Progressive/Liberal Catholics of St. Mike's

10. A short discussion of a letter from our "friendly neighbourhood" SMCSU ensued.  Mike's letter,  stating that our constitution does in fact have Catholic aspects to it was highlighted.  Further, we thought it inconsistent that this group would have to maintain Catholic aspects whereas other groups do not.  We admired the president of SMCSU for his satisfactory knowledge of the issue. Eventually we pondered on the relationship between the SMC principal and the SMCSU president.
11.  A motion was passed to request support from various student unions and federations, e.g. SAC, GSU and APUS.
12. A handout of constitutional amendments were passed out regarding,
co-signatures on bank accounts: President and the Club Committee's designate  
executives at large
 These are to be voted on at the next meeting.
13. Discussion of progress with residence councils:

Loretto and St. Joe's Councils
14. A brief discussion of September activities ensued.  This was truncated and will be picked up in detail at the next meeting.
An advertisement and a publishing of the inclusiveness statement in "The Mike".  
Residence campaign 
SMCSU campaign 
Club recognition
15. The next club committee meeting is set for 6:30PM August 16th.  Location TBA.

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